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The group said in a tweet they plan to take down Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas Phantom squad psn christmas a week. hacker group Phantom Squad has been issuing threats to knock out both systems’ online services with.

Sep 10, 2018 · Xbox and PSN servers could possibly be taken down once again this christmas but not by the Lizard Squad but by the Phantom Squad or is it? Hopefully Microsoft eliminate. Who is Phantom Squad? What do I do if PSN& Xbox Live go down this Christmas?

With the Lizard Squad DDoS attacks of last Christmas still lingering in the minds of many online gamers, Phantom Squad. Phantom Squad, the hacking group that announced DDoS attacks on the Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network from December 24 up to December 31, has started its assault with a small attack on the EA. 'Phantom Squad' threatens Xbox Live and PSN outages over Christmas By. Phantom Squad appears to be rivaling Lizard Squad. Save 50% off Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 PC Premium via Neowin Deals.

Steam servers DDoSed and taken down by Phantom Squad hacker group, gamers left in lurch during busy Christmas weekend If you are a gamer, we told you Dec 23, 2016 · Steam down: Hackers Phantom Squad bring PC service to its knees as Christmas approaches. for taking down PSN and Xbox Live, claimed repsonsibility for the attack on Twitter. on other gaming. While were still updating the news, Twitter had suspended their account.

Phantom Squad seems unaffected: In response to the shutdown threats, Anonymous, the online hacktivists made it clear that they will not stand by the decision of targeting PSN or Xbox Live, but claimed if these services went offline this Christmas, it would solely be. Hackers called Phantom Squad are threatening to take the Xbox Live and PSN networks offline for a week this Christmas.

Photo: Getty Images Dec 16, 2015 · Forget the Grinch, there's someone else who wants to steal Christmas.

Phantom Squad, an online hacker group, has threatened to shut down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this Christmas by. The new hacking collective Phantom Squad could attack the online networks of PlayStation and Xbox Live this Christmas, creating trouble for gamers. The group had recently claimed responsibility. PhantomSquad threatens to take down Xbox Live and PSN this Christmas.

Author: Graham Cluley. Published December 17, 2015 2: 59 am in Denial of Service, Twitter 8. But perhaps we should take Phantom Squad’s threats more seriously. News; DDoS group Phantom Squad threatens to take down Xbox LIVE and PSN on Christmas. Looks like we've got ourselves a Lizard Squad copycat. Dec 15, 2015 · Hacker Group Phantom Squad Threaten To Take Down PSN/Xbox Live During Christmas Sony PSN downed; hacking group claims DDOS attack Sony’s PlayStation Network was offline worldwide for most of the day Monday, and hacking group Phantom Squad is claiming responsibility for a.

Members of Phantom Squad declare they will launch a DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox Live this Christmas. Dec 23, 2016. Steam down: Hackers Phantom Squad bring PC service to its knees as. PSN and Xbox Live was brought down over the Christmas period with. Dec 18, 2015. UPDATE 18/12/2015 12.

43am: Now Phantom Squad is taking credit. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services around Christmas via a. Dec 23, 2016. Steam servers DDoSed and taken down by Phantom Squad hacker group, Phantom squad psn christmas left in lurch during busy Christmas. Yes, we are talking about Phantom Squad who have promised to bring down Steam, Sony's PlayStation. Dec 18, 2015.

Whatever online service you might use to get your game on this holiday season, be it Xbox Live, PSN, or something else, you might have some.

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