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Product - LED Concepts Pack of 2 Plug-In LED Night Lights, Green or Blue Light Setting, Ultra Slim, Cool-Touch Design, Great for Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Stairways or Any Dark Room Product Image Price Christmas Decorations Christmas Lights Christmas Lights. Add a touch of magic and warmth to your holiday season with a dazzling array of Christmas lights from The Home Depot. To turn your yard into a winter wonderland, add an array of icicle lights across your eaves and awnings or use a Christmas laser light projector.

Bring in your old, broken or used incandescent holiday light strings to be recycled at The Home Depot ® and receive a discount on a single receipt in-store purchase of LED lights. Receive the discount for each string recycled. Limit 5 discounts per customer. CHRISTMAS LIGHT TRADE-IN (ENDS 11/15/15) S. The 2015 Christmas Light Trade-in Event is Over. Thanks for participating! Recyle Your Old Christmas Lights. It’s time to switch to LED Christmas lights, and The Home Depot wants to make that easy to do.

That’s why The Home Depot is holding its 2015 Christmas Light Trade-In Event! Starting November 5, 2015, take your old incandescent Christmas light strings to your local Home Depot store. Christmas Light Recycling: Where and How to Recycle Your Old Lights. For too many people, the answer to old Christmas lights is to throw them in the trash, but this is the wrong way to dispose of the lights that you don’t need.

In recent years, hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes have offered Christmas light recycling for their. How to recycle Christmas lights There are lots of options for recycling Christmas lights. In the past, both The Home Depot and Lowe’s have collected Christmas lights for recycling. A company called Holiday LEDs will take your old lights for free — and give you a coupon for 15% off your next order of energy-efficient LED Christmas lights. Swap and save: The Home Depot's Christmas light trade-in event File this one under way too early but worth it: The Home Depot launches its fourth annual incandescent Christmas light trade-in.

Trade in your energy-sucking Christmas lights for a discount on low-power LEDs at Home Depot. you can get a $3-$5 discount on new LED lights for every string of old incandescents you trade in. The Home Depot's Christmas Light Recycling program certainly is popular.

I know I fielded a number of inquiries from people who missed it last year. So, spread the word! We sent them a mystery box of Home Depot Christmas decorations, and let them do the rest.

They created a vertible winter wonderland with tons of holiday lights, and some clever DIYs to make oversized candy canes, tomato cage Christmas trees and even a DIY light-up sign. If you have an old slow cooker. LED lights are energy-efficient, shatter-resistant and have a lifespan of 10 Christmas seasons or more. Program your Christmas music, light show, holiday lights and décor to turn on and off automatically with a smart home hub. Set up your outdoor Christmas lights to play along to music with beat.

Because you can now go into Home Depot, trade in [PDF] your old, incandescent Christmas lights, and get energy-saving, LED replacements at a discount* — but only for the next few days. This is a. Sears, KMart and Home Depot also run holiday light recycling programs, usually in the month of November just prior to the onset of the holiday season.

When you take down your lights this year, put any broken strands aside in a box or bag marked ‘recycle. ’ Consult the site for environmental updates along with how and where to recycle lights and other household products. Send in your old incandescent Christmas lights for recycling, and HolidayLEDs. com will send you a coupon for 25 percent off LED Christmas lights ordered from its site. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. The Home Depot sells products that help preserve natural resources and offers programs that allow you recycle older items.

CFL bulbs and old incandescent holiday light strings. shop moving boxes. DID YOU KNOW? Customers of The Home Depot have recycled more than 2 1/2 million holiday light strings since 2008 – that’s equal to nearly 69. Lowe's added recycling centers in stores for battery disposal and light bulb and plastic bag recycling as part of our commitment to the environment. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page.

Welcome to Lowe's Find a Store. With the purchase of a new appliance, Lowe's will haul away and recycle customers' old appliances. In addition. Recycle your old incandescent Christmas lights at The Home Depot's Christmas Light Trade-In and receive up to $5 off the purchase of new LED lights. Light up your home inside and out with Christmas lights. To turn your yard into a winter wonderland, add an array of icicle lights across your eaves and. The Home Depot sells products that help preserve natural resources and.

for rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs and old incandescent holiday light strings. Shop our selection of Color Changing, Christmas Lights in the Holiday Decorations Department at The Home Depot.

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